A crepe (pronounced as krep) is actually a thin French pancake that makes a great versatile base for all kinds of fillings and toppings. When folded, the tender delicate covering can enclose a variety of fillings like ice-cream, fruits, meat, and many others. Previously available only in five-star hotels and restaurants because of its delicate preparation, it can now be savored at Genki Crepes in San Francisco.

Genki Crepes, located in the heart of the Richmond District of San Francisco, is fast achieving recognition as the place to be for mouth-watering crepes. At Genki Crepes, the age-old tradition of French crepe making has been successfully blended with our house expertise to make crepe-making faster without losing the silky, fresh taste of a traditionally made crepe. Genki Crepes offers more than 30 exciting crepe flavors.

Genki, which means "good-spirited or lively", provides exactly the lively atmosphere customers would want to relax and enjoy their crepes in. At Genki Crepes, the crepes can be enjoyed as an appetizer, snack, dessert, or as a meal in itself with the savory crepes. As an appetizer, one could try the mixed fruit crepe. Snack crepes are prepared with light fillings such as wild berry jam, cinnamon apple or with the ever-popular Nutella. Savory crepes are prepared extra heavy (with a choice of cheese) and stuffed to the brim and makes it perfect for lunch or dinner. The savory menu includes items like ham, turkey, pastrami, lettuce, spinach, mushrooms, and much more. Ice cream crepes are served with a choice of fruits; whip cream, and/or chocolate syrup.